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Cosette Richard grew up in historic Treme' one of the oldest African-American neighborhoods in America and one of the first neighborhoods for gens de couleur libres Free People of Color. During Cosette's childhood, Treme' was a hub of visual arts, cultural arts and performing arts. Cosette's journey into photography began when she was a research scholar in college. Her earliest work as a street photographer and documentary photographer, focused on her hometown New Orleans as the community reclaimed itself from the storm. Having masked Black Indian, Baby Doll, been a majorette in Mardi Gras parades, a float rider in Mardi Gras parades and a former Queen, Cosette was inspired by her personal experiences in the culture to document life in post Katrina New Orleans.

Cosette Richard's photography has been featured as a call for art, featured exhibitions, standing exhibitions, curated exhibitions, is published in tourism literature and is published in the book, "The Way I See It ... photographers who capture the soul of New Orleans". Cosette's videography is sought after for documentaries. During New Orleans historic tricentennial (300th) commemoration, an installment from Cosette's "Second Line Baby" series was featured at festivals and art exhibitions. Cosette received an invitation from Getty Images to join their global network of photojournalists as a contributor. 

Cosette Richard is currently 
based in Green Bay, Wisconsin where her photography has been featured in art exhibitions at the Art Garage and the Neville Public Museum.

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