Cosette Richard is a photographer from New Orleans who has conducted extensive research and fieldwork on post Katrina New Orleans in a social, cultural, political and historical context. Cosette Richards' work has been presented as featured exhibitions, curated exhibitions, standing exhibitions and published in the book, "The Way I See It ... photographers who capture the soul of New Orleans".


In 2018 during the commemoration of New Orleans historic 300th birthday,  Cosette Richard was a featured artist in numerous art exhibitions and art festivals including Ashe' Powerhouse Theaters' and PhotoNOLA Annual Festival of Photography exhibition titled, "New Orleans Beyond Tomorrow: Community, Culture, Commerce"; Ashe' Cultural Arts Center annual Maafa commemoration exhibition titled, "Maafa: Creativity, Faith, Tradition and Resilience" and; The Rent Is Too Damn High exhibition and art festival featured in The New Orleans Advocate April 17, 2018 in the article titled, "On New Orleans 300th birthday art weighs the damn high cost of being black and creative". The journalist likened Cosette Richards' photography to the legendary James Van Der Zee a leading figure in the Harlem Renaissance.  In 2018 Cosette Richard was invited to join Getty Images.

Cosette Richard Photography was featured in two art exhibitions simultaneously December 2019 through January 2020."Papoose: New Orleans Black Masking Indians" was featured as a Call for Art for PhotoNOLA Annual Festival of Photography in New Orleans while an installment from Cosette Richards' "Sunday Best" series was featured at the Art Garage in Green Bay, Wisconsin for the art exhibition titled "Beliefs". 

Works in progress includes "United States of Emergency" and "We The People".

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