Katrina 15: Home

Updated: Sep 7


The devastating impact of Hurricane Katrina on housing in New Orleans.

Hurricane Katrina displaced thousands of New Orleanians from their homes fifteen ago. Today, as New Orleans commemorates Hurricane Katrina 15 years later, residents are being displaced from their homes again, this time, as a result of mass evictions attributed to the economic crisis caused by the Covid 19 pandemic. Currently, New Orleans has the second highest eviction rate in the country and homelessness is on the rise further exacerbating the city's existing homeless crisis which has persisted since Hurricane Katrina.

Fifteen years after Katrina not only does New Orleans remain in an ongoing struggle to reclaim herself from the storm, progress made thus far is being adversely impacted by the Covid 19 pandemic. It remains to be seen whether New Orleans will recover from the economic devastation caused by the Covid 19 pandemic and what that recovery might look like or entail. Will New Orleans bounce back and thrive economically or will she struggle to survive to simply stay afloat post Hurricane Katrina and post Covid 19?

Cosette Richard

29th of August 2020

Katrina 15: Home