Laid To Rest

Some glad morning when this life is over ... "I'll Fly Away"

The pandemic is presenting significant challenges in New Orleans for the loved ones of those who have succumbed to Covid19 specifically, how to lay the deceased to rest, ensure culturally appropriate and dignified burials. In New Orleans, life and death is a celebration and a community affair. Without warning, New Orleans has been forced to grieve, mourn and bid farewell differently. As a tradition, New Orleans mourns the deceased with a Homegoing Celebration, a Celebration of Life Ceremony, a traditional Jazz Funeral, a Second Line procession and libations. A horse drawn hearse is typical in New Orleans funeral processions and in many instances a tradition.

During the Covid19 pandemic, New Orleans grieves and mourns the loss of loved ones, the loss of culture bearers, the loss of Homegoing Celebrations, the loss of Celebration of Life Ceremonies, the loss of traditional Jazz Funerals and the loss of Second Line processions.

Culture and traditions have been laid to rest in New Orleans during the Covid19 pandemic.

Cosette Richard

29th of March 2020

Laid To Rest

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